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LAUREN O’CONNOR, 12th gr. Horizon H.S.                                          Oboe    CU Honor Band

DANIEL ROSSON, 10th gr. Legend H.S.                                       Bassoon    All State Orchestra
                                                                                                            Bassoon    CU Honor Band

CARSON WEDDING, 12 gr. Arapahoe H.S.                                           Oboe    CU Honor Band

NIKO KLEEMAN, 8th gr. Euclid M.S.                                    1st Chair Bassoon, CU Honor Band

LAURA ENCE,  8th gr. Stargate Charter                                   3rd Chair Oboe, CU Honor Band



LAUREN O’CONNOR, 11th gr. Horizon H.S.                1st Chair Oboe   CSU Festival Honor Band
                                                                                                 2nd Chair Oboe   Allstate Symphony
                                                                                                     3rd Chair Oboe   CU Honor Band

9th gr. Legend H.S.           1st Chair Bassoon   Continental League Orchestra

th gr. Mountain Vista H.S.         2nd Chair Bassoon  Continental League Band

HANNAH GROBER, 7th gr.  West M.S.                2nd Chair Bassoon  Cherry Creek District Band

EMILY HILTZ,11th gr.  Arapahoe H.S.                        1st Chair Oboe  Western States Honor Band

MOLLY EDWARDS, 7th gr.                                            1st Chair Bassoon  Denver Citywide Band



LAUREN O'CONNOR, 10th gr. Horizon H.S.                            2nd Chair Oboe Allstate Orchestra
                                                                                                      2nd Chair Oboe CU Honor Band
                                                                                                  2nd Chair Oboe   CSU Honor Band
MATAS SUZIEDELIS, 12th gr. Grandview H.S.                       Assist. 1st Chair Oboe Allstate Orch
                                                                                                              2nd Alt. Oboe Allstate Band
                                                                                      1st Chair Oboe Cherry Creek District Band
EMILY HILTZ, 10th gr. Arapahoe H.S.                        1st Chair Oboe Western States Honor Band
                                                                                                        1st Alt. Oboe CSU Honor Band
DANIEL ROSSON, 8th gr. Cimmaron M.S.                              1st Chair Bassoon CU Honor Band
                                                                                             1st Chair Bassoon DCMS Honor Band
AMELIA DUNDON, 8th gr. Campus M.S.               2nd Chair Bassoon Cherry Creek District Band
                                                                                                  4th Chair Bassoon CU Honor Band
BRYN YEHLE, 11th gr. Lakewood H.S.                            3rd Chair Oboe   Jeffco All-County Band



EMILY HILTZ, 9th gr. Arapahoe. H.S.                       1st Chair Oboe   Western States Honor Band
RAY MICHAEL, 10th gr. Cherry Creek H.S.          2nd Chair Bassoon  Cherry Creek District Band
OLIVER RAMSAY, 12th gr. Lakewood H.S.                3rd Chair Oboe   Jefferson All-County Band
MATAS SUZIEDELIS, 11th gr. Grandview H.S.         1st Chair Oboe    Cherry Creek District Band



JORDAN ABELL, 12th gr. Chaparral H.S.                           2nd Chair Oboe     All-State Orchestra
                                                                                                    3rd Chair Oboe      All-State Band
                                                                                     1st Chair Oboe    Continental League Band
                                                                                                 2nd Chair Oboe      CU Honor Band
MICHAEL FISCHER, 10th gr. C.T. H.S.                   2nd Chair Oboe    Cherry Creek District Band
AMANDA NGUYEN, 8th gr.  W. M.S.                       2nd Chair Oboe    Cherry Creek District Band
                                                                                                      4th Chair Oboe  CU Honor Band
LAUREN O'CONNOR, 8th gr. Shadow Ridge                               2nd Chair Oboe CU Honor Band
COLEEN SCHMUCK, 9th. gr. DSA                                 1st Chair Oboe    Denver City-Wide Band


JORDAN ABELL, 11th gr. Chaparral H.S .                    1st Chair Oboe   Continental League Band
NOAH BECK, 12th gr. Chaparral H.S.                       1st Chair Bassoon Continental League Band
CAROLINE PEASE, 10th gr. East H.S.                 1st Chair Oboe      Denver City-Wide Orchestra
LINDSAY PHILLIPS, 9th gr. Chattfield H.S.               4th Chair Oboe     Jefferson All-County Band
COLEEN SCHMUCK, 8th gr.  DSA                                3rd Chair Oboe    Denver City-Wide Band
                                                                                 3rd Chair Oboe   Denver City-Wide Orchestra
BEN SEGALL, 8th gr. DSA                                                   2nd Chair Oboe         CU Honor Band
                                                                                     2nd Chair Oboe      Denver City-Wide Band
                                                                               2nd Chair Oboe    Denver City-Wide Orchestra
CHRIS SNELL, 8th gr.  Powell M.S.                                            3rd Chair Oboe   CU Honor Band
BRYN YEHLE, 8th gr. Creighton M.S.                         1st Chair Oboe   Jefferson All-County Band


JOE HOFFARTH, 12th gr. Cherry Creek H.S.                            1st Chair Bassoon, All-State Band
                                                                                1st Chair Bassoon, Cherry Creek District Band
TORI GIBSON, 12th gr. Dakota Ridge H.S.                           2nd Chair Oboe, All-State Orchestra                                                                                                     2nd Chair Oboe, CSU Honor Band
                                                                                     2nd Chair Oboe, Jefferson All-County Band
LIZ ESCOBEDO, 11th gr. Legend H.S.                    4th Chair Oboe, 2015 Honor Band of America
                                                                                      2nd Chair Oboe, Continental League Band
KATE MURPHY, 10th gr. Legend H.S.                           1st Chair Oboe, Continental League Band
LINDSAY PHILLIPS, 8th gr. Falcon Bluffs M.S.            1st Chair Oboe, Jefferson All-County Band
                                                                                                     2nd Chair Oboe, CU Honor Band
BRYN YEHLE, 7th gr. Creighton M.S.                         2nd Chair Oboe, Jefferson All-County Band


KATE MURPHY, 9th gr. Legend HS:                              1st Chair Oboe  Continental League Band
LIZ ESCOBEDO, 10th gr. Legend HS:                   1st Chair Oboe  Continental League Orchestra
                                                                                3rd Chair Oboe   2014 Honor Band of America
YESENIA FOLLINGSTAD, 11th gr. Legend HS:           2nd Chair Oboe  Continental League Band
TORI GIBSON, 11th gr. Dakota Ridge HS:                  1st Chair Oboe   Jefferson All County Band
EMMA FERDIG, 11th gr. BearCreek HS:                     3rd Chair Oboe  Jefferson All County Band
LINDSAY PHILLIPS, 7th gr. Falcon Bluffs MS:            2nd Chair Oboe  Jefferson All County Band
OLIVER RAMSAY, 8th gr. Manning MS:                      3rd Chair Oboe   Jefferson All County Band
JOE HOFFARTH, 11th gr. CherryCreek HS:           1st Chair Bassoon  CherryCreek District Band
                                                                       1st Chair Bassoon Colorado Ambassadors of Music
ERIK HELMSTETTER, 8th gr. Hamilton M.S.               1st Chair Bassoon  Denver Citywide Band
                                                                                                 1st Chair Bassoon   CU HonorBand
JUSTIN BIAN, 8th gr. RockyHeights M.S.                                    2nd Chair Oboe  CU HonorBand
OLIVIA MARTIN, 11th gr. DenverSchoolArts                    2nd Chair Oboe   Denver Citywide Band
ROBERT HOLLEY, 8th gr.                                           1st Chair Oboe     Brighton 27J Honor Band


TORI GIBSON, 10th gr. DakotaRidge HS:                   1st Chair Oboe   Jefferson All County Band
EMMA FERDIG, 10th gr. BearCreek HS:                   2nd Chair Oboe   Jefferson All County Band
LINDSAY PHILLIPS, 6th gr.  Falcon Bluffs MS:          2nd Chair Oboe   Jefferson All County Band
LIZ ESCOBEDO, 9th gr. Legend HS:                            1st Chair Oboe  Continental League Band
JULIA LUGO, 12th gr. Chaparral HS:                      1st Chair Bassoon   Continental League Band
DIANA DOLQUIST,  10th gr. ThunderRidge HS:      3rd Chair Bassoon  Continental League Band
SARAH HAMBLIN,   9th gr. SmokeyHill HS:                  1st Chair Oboe  Cherry Creek HonorBand
JOSEPH HOFFARTH, 10th gr. CherryCreek HS:     1st Chair Bassoon  Cherry Creek HonorBand
                                                                                                         alt. Bassoon     CU HonorBand
JEREMY YOSHIKAWA, 7th gr. FoxRidge MS:               1st Chair Oboe Cherry Creek HonorBand
KATE MURPHY, 8th gr. Eagles Wings:                                          1st Chair Oboe  CU HonorBand
ELAINA HOLLISTER, 8th gr. Stanley British:                               2nd Chair Oboe  CU HonorBand
ERIK HELMSTETTER, 7th gr.Hamilton MS:                 1st Chair Bassoon  Denver Citywide Band



MIKE EVANS, 12th gr. Heritage HS:                                            English Horn  All-State Orchestra
KATE MURPHY, 7th gr. Eagles Wings:                                          1st Chair Oboe  CU HonorBand
SARAH HAMBLIN, 8th gr. Horizon MS:                         1st Chair Oboe  Cherry Creek HonorBand
                                                                                                      2nd Chair Oboe  CU HonorBand
TORI GIBSON, 9th gr. DakotaRidge HS:              English Horn/2nd Oboe  Jeffco All-County Band
CASSIDY SPAETH, 9th gr.  Legend HS:                  1st Chair Bassoon  Continental League Band
JULIA LUGO, 11th gr. Chaparral HS:                      2nd Chair Bassoon  Continental League Band
CHRIS STEPHENS, 12th gr. ThunderRidge HS:          2nd Chair Oboe Continental League Band
LINDSEY STEFFEY, 10th gr. Chattfield HS:              Oboe  Colorado Ambassadors of Music Tour
MATT DODDEMEADE, 11th gr. Bear Creek HS:        English Horn Lamont Pre-College Academy


TORI GIBSON, 8th gr. SummitRidge MS:                                     1st Chair Oboe   CU HonorBand
                                                                                          1st Chair Oboe   Jeffco All-County Band
KATE MURPHY, 6th gr. Eagles Wings:                                         2nd Chair Oboe  CU HonorBand
CASSIDY SPAETH, 7th gr. Cimmaron MS                             2nd Chair Bassoon  CU Honor Band
SARAH HAMBLIN, 7th gr. Horizon MS:                         1st Chair Oboe  Cherry Creek HonorBand
MARISSA LOPEZ, 6th gr. FoxRidge MS:                 1st Chair Bassoon  Cherry Creek HonorBand
KAITLIN SHUTLER, 8th gr. Arvada MS:                            3rd Chair Oboe  Jeffco All-County Band
JULIA LUGO, 10th gr. Chaparral HS:             2nd Chair  Bassoon  Continental League Orchestra
BRIANNE PALMER,  11th gr. Heritage HS:             2nd Chair Bassoon  Continental League Band
CALEB HSU, 10th gr. Heritage HS:                      2nd Chair Oboe  Continental League Orchestra
CHRIS STEPHENS, 11th gr. ThunderRidge HS:   English Horn/3rd Ob. Continental League Band



            Master’s in Oboe Performance, Southern Methodist University

            Bachelor’s in Oboe Performance, Stetson University

            Repair Studies, Dallas Bocal Company/English Horn Products


Recent Student Achievements:
            2012 All-State Orchestra:  English Horn
            2009 All-State Orchestra:  English Horn
            2009 All-State Orchestra: Bassoon
            2009 All-State Band:  Oboe

Teaching Experience:
            1998-present Oboe & Bassoon Private Studio in CO of 25-30 students per week
            2002-present Double Reed Sectionals Teacher, Colorado Honor Band
            2005-present Oboe Sectionals Teacher, Arapahoe H.S. Band
            1991-present  Masterclasses in Oboe & Bassoon
            2011-2015 Double Reed Sectionals Teacher, Adams City H.S. Band
            1989-98 Private Studio in Texas  of 70 Students per week
            1991-94 Oboe Instructor, Texas Tech Band Camp


            2008 Woodwind Judge for National Solo Competition
            1991-present Judge for Solo & Ensemble and All-County/Honor Band Contests


            Oboes, Clarinets, English Horns, Oboe d’amores & Piccolos
            Adjustments, Cleaning, Cork Pads, Springs, Crack Repair & Tone-hole corrections



            1998-present Oboe & English Horn, Colorado Wind Ensemble
            2007-present Oboe Woodwinds Three Trio
            1982-present Freelance Oboe/English Horn in Colorado, Texas and Florida
            1991-1998 Principal Oboe, Texas Wind Symphony
            1988-89 Solo Oboe, Mantovani Orchestra U.S. Tour

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